Caspian Consulting Corp.

provides comprehensive services, including research of market, demand and needs of potential buyers focusing on their production and taking into account existing abilities of organization on produced goods and services in various sectors, creation of informative and methodological databases for active influence on the market and existing demand on formation of consumer needs and preferences.

Caspian Consulting Corp. established in 2008, and is highly respectable and leading company providing consulting, marketing services as well as promotion of goods and services in various fields. Our experts will provide high quality services, based on many years of experience. We provide a full range of services in almost all fields to promote products and services. We aim to provide our partners with services that will influence development of your business and increase the capital of your company. We are proud of the technical excellence of our employees.

Results of the market research are formation of a phased plan for the strategic, tactical, operational production and sales activities of the company, which includes forecasts of the market growth, strategy and tactics of the firm behavior, its marketing policy, as well as policies of stimulating sale and promotional activities.

Marketing concept in various fields of services consists of several stages:

  • Analysis of market opportunities of the investigated sphere of goods and services;
  • Estimates of the market situation for goods and services;
  • Segmentation of the market of goods and services;
  • Development of strategy;
  • Development of activities plan;
  • Positioning services in the target segment market of goods and services;
  • Product policy - a complex of marketing actions of influence towards market, aimed at increasing the company's competitive position;
  • Pricing policy - a combination of different types of price behavior in the market, determination of a pricing strategy and tactics;
  • Sales policy - planning and formation of the goods sales channels;
  • Promotion policy - planning and implementation of a complex of activities aimed at promotion of goods on the market (advertising, pre-sales and warranty services, etc.;
  • Market promotion of the new goods which have no analogues, as well as the promotion of various goods and services into the new markets.

Cooperating with us, you will receive complex of a basic principles and decisions arising from evaluation of the market situation and own capacity of the enterprise aimed at the achievement the general objectives.